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Venue Rentals


Theatre Cedar Rapids Inside

Outstanding historical design matched with engaging theatrical productions, impressive corporate events, and memorable private gatherings are just a few reasons why the Auditorium is the centerpiece of the Iowa Theater Building. We have several solutions to fit your needs, with additional à la carte pricing for supporting amenities and spaces.

Rental Information

  • $1950 per performance day
  • $290 per load-in / rehearsal day
  • Capacity: 550 (Includes main floor and balcony)
  • 35% discount for nonprofits
  • Includes Stage, Lobby, Restrooms
  • See Box Office Fees
  • See Personnel Fees


Linge Lounge

With a unique and warm style, the Linge Lounge is a perfect complement to the Auditorium and Lobby; it is equally an ideal “stand alone” venue for gatherings, parties, or events in which conversation and having a good time is the goal.

Rental Information

  • $170 per hour
  • 2 hour minimum
  • Seated Capacity: Up to 99
  • 35% discount for nonprofits
  • Pre-8am / Post-11pm $250 per hour
  • Catering services available
  • Includes use of main floor lobby and restrooms
  • LCD lighted art wall and sound/music/mic setup available
  • See Technical Ryder for À la carte considerations


The Fed Hedges Library is equipped with a user-friendly presentation system partnered with a beautiful flat screen display. The technical is combined with the practical, as a restroom and kitchenette are adjacent to the space and perfect for light catering activities.

Rental Information

  • $25 per hour (2 hour min)
  • $150 per day
  • Capacity: 10-20 (varies)
  • 35% discount for nonprofits
  • Catering available


This dance studio with beautiful wood floors and a wall of mirrors opposite windows overlooking downtown Cedar Rapids is a perfect place to hold dance rehearsals or movement classes.

Rental Information

  • $25 per hour
  • Capacity: 25-35
  • 35% discount for nonprofits
  • Used exclusively for rehearsals or classes
  • Sprung bamboo dance floor
  • Long-term rental agreements are possible with this space.


For anyone who loves theatre up close and personal, when you think of cabarets, improvisation, concerts, innovation, and creative performance art you should think of the Grandon Studio. This unique space can be used as a black box, cabaret, or alternate configurations to suit your needs.

Black Box 

  • $70 per hour (performance)
  • Load-in/rehearsal or all other non-performance uses $30 per hour
  • Capacity: 90 (Black Box)
  • Equipped with theatrical lighting and sound
  • 35% discount for nonprofits
  • Patron concessions available upon request
  • Includes use of lower level Lobby and restrooms
  • See Technical Ryder for additional rate information
  • See Box Office Fees
  • See Personnel Fees


Rental-Related Personnel Fees

  • $28/hr – Event / House Manager*
  • $28/hr – Technical Director*
  • $23/hr – Technician
  • $18/hr – Janitorial*
  • In most rental situations, an Event/House Manager and Janitorial Services will be required; Technical Director services are also typically required for shows involving performance spaces.


Box Office Hours

  • 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday
  • (Will-call) 1 hour prior to performance start

Box Office Services Included

  • Setup and coding of the event seating chart and price scale
  • Printing and distributing of tickets
  • Sales of event tickets at the TCR Box Office during normal Box Office hours.
  • Transactions may be by phone, walk-in, mail, or online through the TCR website.
  • Ability for customers to print tickets remotely at home and “add on” options to all tickets

Box Office Services NOT Included

  • Sales of event tickets other than normal box office hours except through the TCR website.
  • Sales of event tickets in locations other than the TCR Box Office, Will-call and website.

Upon Completion of the Event

  • An accounting of event sales and payment of sales receipts within five (5) working days.


Reserved and General Admission Ticketing

  • 5% of ticket sales to TCR
  • 4 weeks of TCR Box Office Services included
  • Beyond first 4 weeks, add $25 per week
  • Setup of 1 performance in the ticketing system included
  • Add $75 per performance setup in ticketing system beyond first
  • Internet/Online sales setup: $25 per performance
  • New Seating Chart setup: $250 (with TCR Technical Director approval)

Print and Go Ticketing

  • Flat $500 fee for ticketing setup and printing (General Admission only)
  • Setup of 1 performance in the ticketing system included
  • Add $75 per performance setup in ticketing system beyond first
  • New Seating Chart setup: $250 (with TCR Technical Director approval)


Credit Card Fees (invoiced to person/organization renting TCR)

  • Mastercard/VISA 3.0% (or current rate)
  • Discover 2.4% (or current rate)

Ticketing Processing and Delivery Fees (charged to customer at time of sale)

  • $3 Fee (per ticket)
    +$2 (per order) if mailed OR
    +$1 (per order) if held at Will Call OR
    +$0 (per order) if “Printed @Home”

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