Starting 12/2/21, 7:30:00 pm: Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella


Auditions for Dance Nation

  • Directed by Angie Toomsen
  • Stage Manager: Kelly Shriver
  • Intimacy Director: Carrie Pozdol

Rehearsals and Performances

Rehearsals: Begin February 14th, 2022 and will be scheduled 3-4 weeknights from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. with one longer weekend rehearsal per week. If cast, you will be expected to enter the rehearsal process with strong familiarity of the script, your track, and your lines. Tech rehearsal is March 13th, 2022. Off book date is February 28th, 2022.

Performances: March 18th thru April 3rd, Thursdays thru Sundays. 7:30 p.m. with 2:30 p.m. Sunday matinees.

Covid Policy: available here.

About Dance Nation

Somewhere in America, an army of pre-teen, competitive dancers plots to unleash their POWER and take over the world. But in this unapologetically candid portrayal of the mysteries of adolescence, these young dancers have more than choreography on their minds. Each plié and jeté puts them one step further from childhood and one step closer to discovering their own identities, amidst a raucous pageant of ferocious ambition.

With all parts played by adult actors aged 18 – 80+, focus is drawn to the memory of the body and the memories that live in the body. A refreshingly unorthodox play, Clare Barron’s Dance Nation, a Pulitzer Prize Finalist, conveys the joy and abandon of dancing, alongside the changes to body and mind of its preteen characters as they peer over the precipice toward adulthood.

Read perusal script. To learn more about the play’s trajectory, check out a behind the scenes from a UK production, the official trailer from the original New York production, and an interview with playwright Clare Barron from the Steppenwolf production.

Content Advisory: This show contains strong language, depictions of self-harm, descriptions and simulations of sexual activity and descriptions of violence. This production will not require nudity or partial nudity.


Auditions via video submission, due December 10th with potential in-person callbacks by arrangement.

Complete the following steps to submit an audition:

  • Please prepare a 60-90 second contemporary monologue. Need not be memorized. Can be from the script.
  • At the end of your monologue (or in a separate video) put on a song you loved when you were 11-14 years old! Let yourself go – just freestyle dance and have fun for about 30-45 seconds or so. This is about the capacity to have fun, connect with your inner teen, and dance with freedom. It’s not about actual dance experience or dance ability.
  • Submit your videos and additional info via this form.
  • Feel free to follow up via email (not via Facebook messenger please) to confirm your submission went through.

Roles available:

  • 7 female-identified roles to be played by performers 18 to 80+, including role for one performer of South Asian descent and at least two performers of color.
  • 2 male-identified roles, to be played by performers 18 to 80+. All ethnicities welcome.
  • Unless otherwise noted, no previous dance skill or training necessary.
  • Characters:
    • Amina: the star dancer
    • Zuzu: always second best
    • Connie: a talented dancer who thinks she should play the role of Gandhi. Played by actor of South Asian descent.
    • Luke: the only male dancer on the team
    • Maeve: the oldest and least talented dancer on the team
    • Sofia: knows what’s up
    • Ashlee: future president of a post-apocalyptic USA
    • Vanessa: could’ve been a phenomenon
    • The Moms: means well; grown-up Wendy (also plays Vanessa)
    • Dance Teacher Pat: the head of the dance studio (male-identified)

Upcoming Auditions

The Sound of Music

Directed by Brian Glick
Cameron Sullenberger – Music Director
Megan Helmers – Choreographer

Auditions will be held in person at TCR February 19th and 20th. Time and audition requirements to be released by the end of January. All roles open. About the show >


Mamma Mia

Directed by Chris Okiishi
Janelle Lauer – Music Director
Anna Slife – Choreographer

This show was cast in 2020. Any replacement roles will be recast after the holidays. More information to come.


Summer Outdoor Theatre

Our outdoor summer series will be announced – along with audition information – in March 2022.