Donor List

Thank you for helping TCR Roar On.

*This list was updated in April, 2020. We strive for accuracy and apologize for any errors or omissions. Gifts of any amount are vital to our organization. To make a donation today, click HERE or contact development director Hannah Spina at 


Corporate and foundation sponsors:


Jennifer Abernathy
Johanna and Terry Abernathy
Chad and Sorina Abernathy
Johanna and Terry Abernathy
Cristiane and Nick Abouassaly
Madeline Achen
Jill Ackerman
Daniel and Beverly Grindeman-Adams
Louisa and Mario Affatigato
Jerry and Karon Ahrenstein
Janice and Martha Albaugh
Larry Albers
Melissa Alexander
Denise Allamand
Sandie Allen
Tom and Kathleen Aller
Beth and Bob Allsop
Leesa Andreas
Nancy and Katie Andreasen
Jim and Terri Archibald
Scott Arensdorf
Joan and Tom Auterman
Jonathon and Michelle Bailey
Judy and Pat Baird
Lynette Bakenhus
John and Stephanie Ballard
Patricia Banks
Joretta and Thomas Barbee
Katie Barnes
Karen and Mike Barnotes
Taylor Skogman-Barron
James and Julie Baty
Dan and Sally Baumgartner
Joshua and Molly Baynes
Chuck and Marilyn Beahm
Nicole and Rob Beaman
Jim and Bonnie Beardsworth
Craig and Michelle Beisker
Amy and Scott Bemus
Enid Benda
Katherine Benedix
Mary and Tim Bennington
Jacki and Todd Bergen
Barbara J Berns
Lori Berry
Gary and Judy Bjornsen
Kelly Blackford
Ray Smith and Lynda Black-Smith
Beverly and Larry Blades
Bethanie Zeller
Chris and Mary Blanchard
Catherine and Edward Blando
Dean and Julie Bliss
Amber Blomme
Barbara Bloomhall
D. Allan and Jennifer Boettger
Richard Lamb and Sondra Bolsinger-
Laura Booth
Dora and Kevin Bopp
The Borg Family
Nadine and Randy Borngraeber
Patricia Bowen
Jean Bowrey
Alan and Terry Boyden
Jan Bradley and Giacomo Tormene
Doug and Sheila Brakhahn
Constance Breiling
Pat and Tom Brennom
Sonja Bridge
Rebecca Brimeyer
Rosalee Briner
Holly Broadwater
Robert and Ann Bromley
Alison Brown
Carol Brown
Derek and Cindy Brown
Heidi Brown
Jen Brown
Marcia Bruggink
Nina and Paul Brundell
Patricia Bryant
JoAnn and Peter Bryant
Cynthia Burdakin
Denise Burgess
David and Dorea Burkamper
Cheryl Burns
Tatum Buse
Rich and Donna Butikofer
Adam Butler
Craig and Kaitlin Byers
Scott and Janice Byers
Christine Campbell
Alex and J. David Carey
David and Rosemary Carlson
Lacey Carroll
Patrice and Thomas Carroll
Christine Casey
George and Joanne Chadima
Steve Chapman
Ivan Chavez
Mary Bess Chester
Jay and Lee Clancey
Kathleen and William Clark
Brittney Clarke
Connie and Jim Clifton
Nancy Cobb
Michelle Cole
Chloe Colgan
Tony Contento
Teri Copler
Julie Coppock
Cindy and John Barron
Bill and Britney Courter
Curtis and Wendy Cox
Gary and Mary Crandall
Carol and Richard Crane
Jan Crosby
Kelly and Lonnie Curry
Vincent and Darline Reid
Theresa Davis
Mary Ann Dawson
Jean Deasy
Betty Debban
Elizabeth DeBrower
Pat and Carol Deignan
Chris and Suzy DeWolf
Angela Dieckman
Karl and Cindy Dietz
Rick and Joanne Digiantonio
Richard and Barbara Donohue
Jane Dorman
Ann Dorr
Charles and Sue Dostal
Mary and Richard Doyle
Mary Doyle
Charlie and Nancy Dudak
Denny and Virginia Durbin
Dina and Jon Dusek
Jon and Susanne Dutcher
Cindy J. Dvorak and J.D. Combellic
James Eichhorn
Jeremy Elges and Emily Blomme
Jeff and Terri Elgin
John and Pauline Elwick
Annie Emerson-Battien
Eric Engelmann
Larry and Marsha Erb
Mark and LeAnn Erenberger
Alan and Barbara Erickson
Nicholas Erickson
Jack and Nancy Evans
Brenda and Mic Evans
Debra Ann Everhart
Gordie Felger and Kristen Aller
Travis and Amy Fell
Janette Fiedler
Sandra Fiegen
Sara Fisette
Clarice and LaVerne Flagel
Joyce and Mark Fleming
Emily Flowergarden
Matt and Jen Ford

Mary Sue Freese
Paula Friend
Rick and Greer Fry
Steve and Judy Fuemmeler
Jenn Gaiser
JoAnne and William Galbraith
Brian and Sharon Gardner
Katrina and Les Garner
Mary Garthwaite
Beverly Gartner
David and Susan Gehring
Cheryl and Nick George
Deborah and Kevin Gertsen
Teri Gibson
Doris A. Gitzy
Rebecca Glover
Brian and Terri Glynn
William and Monica Goeddel
Kathy Good
Michele Good
Carleen Grandon
Granfield Family
James and Valerie Gray
Gray Family
Jean Grewe
Kris and Deborah Gulick
Charlotte and Scott Gunnufson
Robert and Kelly Haag
Brenda K. Haefner
Larry and Jill Hagerman
Babs Haggin Roy
Kathy Hall
Cavan and Katie Hallman
Bruce and Beth Hammell
Shannon and Eric Hanson
Kimm Harris
Nadine Hartkemeyer
Robert and Susan Hartley
Joy and Lowell Hartsock
Stacie Harwood and Haley Schulte
Nicole Hasenbank
Kathy and Max Hawkins
Ann and Eric Hearn
Louise and Roger Heckroth
Joanna and Nathan Hein
William and Diana Heinemann
Jack Heins
John and Mary Heitz
Linda and Terry Heller
Jan and Larry Helling
Duane and Anne Jasper
Jeff and Lisa Henderson
Joanne Hendricks
Carol Henning
Dawn and Stan Herkelman
Martin Hill
Carol and Jared Hills
Brady Hoback
Tracie Hodina Van Pelt
Jen Hoeger
Ann and Jim Hoffman
Sarah Hoffman
Gloria Hoke
Josh Holland and Dawn Svenson-Holl
Colleen Holmes
Wayne and Gay Holstine
Edgar and Rebecca Holstrom
JoEllen Holtorf
Fred and Mary Horn
Nancy and Walt Horn
Mike Frasier and Jennifer Horn-Fra
Ellen Howrey
Suzanne and Tony Huebsch
John and Hillary Hughes
Alan and Mary Huneke
Gingie Hunstad
Dawn Hysler
William Isaac
Marlo Jack
Nic and Jeanne Jaeger
Lisa and Mark Lehmkuhl
Kevin and Margie Jenkins
Charles Jennissen and Laurie Stang
Alan and Virginia Jensen
Aria Jensen
Mark and Michelle Jensen
Trudy Johansen
Richard and Jackie Johnson
Karen Johnson
Kristen Johnson
Jason Jones
Bart and Susan Junge
Michael Kammerer and Matthew James
Les Kapler
Gary Kaufman
Robert and Janis Kazimour
Kent and Darice Keating
Bonnie Keiper
Joe Kell
Marilynn Keller
Lisa Kelly
Lin and Sandy Kemp
Lee and Jodi Kenney
Maureen Kenney
Gary and Connie Kent
James Kern
Elaine Kerr
Alan and Karen Kessler
Desiree Kilburg
Kenneth and Jeanette Kinsey
Nicole Kintzle
James and Linda Kipp
James and Barb Klein
Flip Klinger
Judy Knight
Joan and Robert Kocher
Richard Kohl
Ingrid and Peter Kolln
Thies and Kelly Kolln
Whealen Koontz and Laura LeBuhn Ko
Barbara and Gary Kouba
Jamee Kramer
Jessica Kramer
Julie Kramer
Lee Ann Krapfl
Christina and Kurt Kroemer
Jim Kropa
Scott Kruger
David Kubicek
Susan Kucera
Kyle and Patti Kunz
Nancy and Thomas Lackner
Kellie Lala
Kay Landuyt and Larry Robinson
Duane Larson
Lori Anne and Marco Laubach
Ben and Erin Lauer
Kathy and Pete Layden
Diana and Rich Ledford
Christine Lehman-Engledow
Lisa and Mark Lehmkuhl
Carol and Richard Lensing
Elizabeth Lenz
Lisa Lepic
Laura Lesher
Thea Leslie
Alissa Lewis
Joanne Lilledahl and Matthew Novak
Clay and Rebecca Lindwall
Jessica and Joe Link
Hilery Livengood and Ben Fashimpau
Barbara and Mark Lob
Cedric and Marcia Lofdahl
Bill and Muriel Logan
Ann and Mark Lorenz
Phil and Sue Lowder
Linda and Jamie Lundahl
Jeanne Luse
Lynda and Mick Lynch
James and Cindy Lyness
Heather Lynxwiler
Brian and Kelly Macek

John and Sue MacGregor
Dave and Marcy Machacek
Dick and Nancy Mahany
Pam Mahany
David Mahlke
Brendan Mahoney
David Maier and Matthew McGrane
Dale March
Kelley Marchbanks
Jim Marek
Lisa and Mark Lehmkuhl
David and Karen Martin
Jim and Traci Maxted
Barb May
Susan and Tony May
Stephen and Denise Maze
Cecilia and Jerome McConnell
Jan and Mark McCool
Melissa McCracken
Susan McDermott
Andrew Y. McDonald
Carolyn and Norman McElwain
Mary McEniry
Samantha McGrane
Wilma McGrane
Murphy McGrath
Robert and Jo Ann McNiel
April Mead
Jennifer Meadows
Jim and Peggy Meek
Michael and Jane Melloy
Meg Merckens
Drs. Kevin Murray and Janet Merfel
Megan and Rob Merritt
Heather and Steve Mescher
Virginia Michalicek
James and Kathryn Miller
Larry and Kathy Miller
Nancy A. Miller
Dick and Kate Minette
Mark and Denise Mitchell
Cheryle and Frank Mitvalsky
Cherryl Moon Thomason
Geromy Moore
Bob and Tara Moorman
Megan Moran
Bob and Susie Moran
Darrel and Middie Morf
Janelle and Tyson Morio
David and Lisa Morris
Barb and Tom Morris
Nancy and Steve Mortimore
David Morton
David and Mary Morton
Melanie and Michael Moseley
Iris Muchmore and Mark Ogden
Linda and Paul Muhly
Nicholas Mulka
Larry and Keveen Mullendore
Karin Munksgaard and Gary Bowrey
Aaron Murphy and Brian Kipp
Paula and Rick Murphy
Barb and Ervin Mussman
Nathan and Megan Nelson
Bill and Diana Neppl
Larry and Ruth Neppl
Jane Nesmith and Linda Earley
Bryan and Jessica Netolicky
Wendy Nielsen
James and Colleen Nieman
Marla Nikodim
Jean Norton
Don and Marty Norton
Sally Novetzke
Bill and Esther O’Donnell
Sheryl Ochs
Lynn and Robert Ocken
Nancy O’Connell
Judy and Barnes O’Donnell
Donna Oldorf
Toby Olsen
Doug and Melanie Olson
Scott and Penny Olson
Tyler and Majda Olson
Joanne Osing
Kenneth Otto
Jerry and Marilyn Owen
Christine and Steve Pace
Julie and Scott Pameticky
Thomas and Peg Pangborn
Mike and Nancy Parker
Marcia Parman
Anne and David Parmley
Brad and Liz Parsons
Nancy J. Patrick
Sharon Pattison
Ann and John Persick
Chuck Peters
Shar Petersen
Molly Peterson
Jewel Plumb
Thomas Popa
Thomas and Paula Potthoff
Julie Praegitzer
Alan Prasuhn
Matt and Tamera Preston
Cindy Preussner
Karen and Travis Prior
Lisa and Rod Pritchard
Brian and Julie Privett
Sherry Purdie
Margaret Quinlan
Bonnie and Jim Raasch
Randy and Lisa Ramlo
David and Mary Jo Rater
Patty and Larry Read
Dennis Redmond
Tom and Suzanne Renner
Rich and Sarah Rheinschmidt
Sarah and Moe Richardson
Marie Riechers
Randall and Eleonora Rieck
Beth Riggleman
Emil Rinderspacher and Susan Goodn
Randy and Danielle Rings
David Ripley
Alan Robb and Wendy Buresh
Gaye Roberts
Kristin and Mark Roberts
Charles Rohde
John Roltgen
John and Monica Roltgen
Molly Rooney
Carolyn Pigott Rosberg
Melissa Roseberry
Diane and John Rosteck
Henry and Ann Royer
Stephen and Rachel Runde
John and June Sackett
Joni Sackett
Timothy and Laura Sagers
Cindy and Paul Sale
Dave and Patti Sampson
Paul and Maria Sanchez-Masi
Steve and Kate Sanders
Norma Saxon
Jeff and Kristin Schaefer
Donna and Richard Scheer
Jane Scheer and Robin Hursh
Amy and Bryce Schellhorn
Jane Schildroth
Ann and Robert Schley
Dave Schmitt
Julie Schneekloth
Philip and Kyle Schramp
Deborah and Dwight Schroeder
Janet and Steve Schroeder
Brenda Schropp
Christopher and Mollie Schubert
Joan Schultz
Ann Scott
Patty Sebetka

Deb Sedlacek
Alberto and Lisa Segre
John and Arla Senko
Richard Sentman
Judy and Ed Sevcik
Greg and Mary Seyfer
William and Susan Shanklin
Gae Richardson
Kathy Shebetka
Linda Shepard
William and Rachelle Shepard
Bedora Sheronick and Kevin Papp
Jayna Shetterly
Debra Shields
Jerry and Nancy Shirk
Judy Shulista
William and Winifred Shuttleworth
Don and JoAnn Siefken
Marilyn Sippy
Stella Siver
John and Sally Sklarsky
Jennifer Skogman
Drew and Jo Ann Skogman
Kyle and Susan Skogman
Susan Slattery
Janet Smith
Joanne Smith
Nancy Smith
Raymond and Melinda Smith
Terry Smothers
Rick Solar
Kevin Eck and Sashi Solomon
Roger and Lori Soppe
Ida and Peter Sorensen
David and Mindy Sorg
Elizabeth Souer
Aminata Soumah
Linda Spangle
Dean and Debra Spina
Hannah Spina and Aaron Brewer
Kristy Staker
Heather Stallman
Joanne Hendricks and Don Stamy
Jeff and Mary Beth Standerski
Gary and Jan Stangland
Julie Starnes
Jim and Barbara Steggall
Jake Stigers
Tawnya Stone
Terry and Marlyse Strait
L. R. Strathman
Gary and Susan Streit
Tudy Streletzky
James and Sandy Struve
Tom and Tanja Struve
Frank and Mary Stull
Anne Graham Suggs
Melissa Summers
Karen A. Swanson
Steve and Karen Swenson
Angeline Taake
Anne and Mary Tallett
Bruce and Mary Taylor
Robert and Mary Taylor
Diane and Gerald Teig
Jackie Terpkosh
Kristin Tesch
John and Lisa Thedens
Gary and Maureen Thompson
Allan and Mary Thoms
Chris and Patricia Thoms
Charles and Janet Thulin
Joyce and Randy Tietz
Bev and Fred Timko
A. James and Jean Tinker
Lori Tomasek
Angela Toomsen
Julie Toomsen
Rich Toomsen
Judy and Gary Trimpe
Pamela Triplett
Nhan-Ai Truong
Barb and Eric Tupper
Jon Turk
Janet and Tom Turk
Chris and Charity Tyler
Sean Ulmer
Alison Urbina
Catrina Van Genderen
Gretchen Van Heukelom
Robert Van Horn
Cal and Linda Van Niewaal
Natalie Hempy and David Van Roekel
Dan and Karen VanDenBosch
Noel VanDenBosch
Charles B. and Mary Sue Vernon
Jason and Heather Vestweber
Joyce Vogt
Jacqueline Wadzeck
Tricia Waechter
David and Brenda Wallrichs
Dennis and Patricia Walsh
Jennifer Walsh
Solveig Walstrom
Seth Walters
Jeanne Wampler
Caren and Philip Wasta
Charles and Nancy Weber
Sue and Tom Wehmeyer
Miranda Wehr
Catherine Weideman
Ted and Trina Weiland
Caroline Wendel
Guy and Terri Wendler
Doug and Lori Wenzel
Bill Werner and Laura Meade
Ryan and Amanda West
Shawn Westbrook
Brian and Mary Westphalen
Chelsea and Michele White
Kristin White
Mindy White
Nancy White
Dr. Pamela White
Phil and Laura White
Marcia L. Whiteford
Janet and Terry Whitney
Alan Whitworth
Tom and Margaret Wiesner
Timothy Wigans and Lynn Manternach
Heather Wild
Lori Wiles
Judy Wilkins
Bonnie and Bruce Williams
Gail and Paul Williams
Harold Williamson
Jean Wilson
Mary Wilson
Esther and Myron Wilson
Erin Wittkowski
Larry and Joni Witzel
John Wollner, M.D.
Mary Ellen and Norman Wright
Tim and Janet Wuest
Rhonda Wunderlich
Barbara Yamanishi
Molly Yates
Nancy York and Tom Hess
Karen Zazza
Julie Zimmerman
Tom and Janet Zuber


Alliant Energy Matching Funds
Bloomhall Family Endowed Fund
Central Iowa Power Coop
Collins Aerospace Matching Funds
Gale Mote Associates
General Mills Inc.
Hills Bank and Trust Company
Home Depot Foundation
Honkamp Krueger & Co
Ingredion Charitable Foundation
Kepros Physical Therapy & Performance
New Leader Manufacturing
Nordstrom Direct
Paypal Charitable Matching Gifts
PepsiCo Foundation
Robert W. Baird and Co.
Sedona Staffing Services
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Skogman Companies
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