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Recognition List

This list was updated in Feb 1, 2022. We strive for accuracy and apologize for any errors or omissions. Gifts of any amount are vital to our organization. To make a donation today, click HERE or contact development director Hannah Brewer at

Legend ($10,000 +)


Mark and LeAnn Erenberger 

Clay and Rebecca Lindwall

David Maier and Matthew McGrane

Myron and Esther Wilson

Producer ($5,000 +)

Patrice and Thomas Carroll

Randy and Danielle Rings

Playwright ($2,500 +)

Jim and Bonnie Beardsworth

Luke and Hillary Granfield

Larry and Jan Helling

Alan and Virginia Jensen

Mark and Michelle Jensen

Ingrid and Peter Kolln

Murphy and Emily McGrath

Linda and Paul Muhly

Director ($1,500+)

Johanna and Terry Abernathy

Tom and Kathleen Aller


John and Stephanie Ballard

Richard and Barbara Donohue

Shannon and Eric Hanson

Travis and Amy Fell

Joyce and Mark Fleming

Elaine Fox

Margie and Kevin Jenkins

Robert and Janis Kazimour

Elaine Kerr

James and Barb Klein

Aileen Koch

Kyle and Patti Kunz

Jim and Traci Maxted

Andrew Y. McDonald

Wilma McGrane

Nancy A. Miller

Jeff and Kristin Schaefer

Kyle and Susan Skogman

Duane and Laura Smith

James and Sandy Struve

Frank and Mary Stull

Bev and Fred Timko

Dr. Jeffrey and Denise Westpheling

Artist ($750+)

Jennifer and Jason Abernathy

Jeremy and Jeanne Adams

Tom and Kathleen Aller

Beth and Bob Allsop

Tom Anderson


Kenneth Baughman and Leandra Sunseri

Craig and Michelle Beisker

Janice and Scott Byers

Theresa Davis

Mary Day

Ann Dorr

Jack and Nancy Evans

James Kern

Alan and Karen Kessler

Kenneth and Jeanette Kinsey

James and Linda Kipp

Jessica and Joe Link

Linda and Jamie Lundahl

Dick and Mary Meisterling

David and Mary Morton

Toby Olsen

Scott and Penny Olson

Christine and Steve Pace

Ann Paulson

Jim and Bonnie Raasch

Carroll Reasoner and Tom Peffer

Charles Rohde

Deb Sedlacek

Tim and Jennifer Semelroth

Greg and Mary Seyfer

Gary and Susan Streit

Catherine Terukina

Angela Toomsen

Pamela Triplett

Ryan and Amanda West

Advocate ($350+)

Louisa and Mario Affatigato

Beth and Bob Allsop

Nancy Andreasen

Anonymous (2)

Alan and Terry Boyden

Jan Bradley and Giacomo Tormene

Aaron and Hannah Brewer

Sheryl Butler

Alex and J. David Carey

Pat and Carol Deignan

Stefan and Wannette Doerrfeld

Denny and Virginia Durbin

James Eichhorn

Jeff and Terri Elgin

Alan and Barbara Erickson

Sarah Fersdahl

Joyce and Mark Fleming

Molly Flynn

Carolyn Foss

Rick and Greer Fry

Robert and Alo Geuder

Jeff and Jane Glantz

Rebecca Glover

Cory and Megan Goldensoph

Cavan and Katie Hallman

Victoria Hanna

Mary Harreld

Eric and Julie Hender

John and Hillary Hughes

Kevin and Margie Jenkins

Marilynn Keller

Lisa Kelly

Janice Kerkove

Flip Klinger

Jim Kropa

Kay Landuyt and Larry Robinson

Joanne Lilledahl and Matthew Novak

Hilery Livengood and Ben Fashimpaur

Bill and Muriel Logan

David Mahlke

Ronald McGraw

Dick and Kate Minette

Danny Mulka

Sally Novetzke

Olson Family

David and Mary Jo Rater

Vincent and Darline Reid

David Ripley

John and Monica Roltgen

Holly Schmitt

Deborah and Dwight Schroeder

Janet and Steve Schroeder

Jerry and Nancy Shirk

Sally and John Sklarsky

Drew and Jo Ann Skogman

Taylor Skogman-Barron

Ray Smith and Lynda Black-Smith

Jim and Barbara Steggall

Tudy Streletzky

Pete and Mimi Thompson

Chris and Patricia Thoms

Noel VanDenBosch

Traci Weber

Nancy and Robert White

Dr. Pamela White

Susan and Thomas Wolle

Elaine Young

Friend ($150+)

Lisa and Todd Anderson

Anonymous (4)

Scott Arensdorf

Joan and Tom Auterman

Chuck and Marilyn Beahm

Nicole and Rob Beaman

Mary and Tim Bennington

Tracy Bildstein

Gary and Judy Bjornsen

Kelly Blackford

Nadine and Randy Borngraeber

Doug and Sheila Brakhahn

Pat and Tom Brennom

Mary and Katie Buresh

David and Dorea Burkamper

Amy Butz

Rachel Caffery

Thomas and Barbara Campbell

Adam and Nicole Carros

Lorene Cervenka

Mary Bess Chester

Connie and Jim Clifton

Barb Colehour

Julie Coppock

Curtis and Wendy Cox

Gary and Mary Crandall

Mary Ann Dawson

Jean Deasy

Betty Debban

Elizabeth DeBrower

Mary and Richard Doyle

Denny and Virginia Durbin

Larry and Frances Duskin

Cindy J. Dvorak and J.D. Combellick

Jeremy Elges and Emily Blomme

John and Pauline Elwick

Philip and Gwen Engen

Ingrid Evers

Pastor Kathryn Franzenburg and William Davis

Mary Sue Freese

Steve and Judy Fuemmeler

Brian and Sharon Gardner

Beverly Gartner

Dan and Debra Geiser

Teri Gibson

Doris A. Gitzy

Brian and Terri Glynn

Joseph Goedken

Kathy Good

Fred and Mary Grask

James and Valerie Gray

Beverly Grindeman-Adams

Deborah and Kris Gulick

David C. Haerther

Larry and Jill Hagerman

Kathy Hall

William and Diana Heinemann

Joanne Hendricks and Don Stamy

Greg Helberg

Carol Henning

Dave and Dorothy Higdon

Martin Hill

Mary and Thomas Hindman

Denny and Terri Hodge

Wayne and Gay Holstine

Edgar and Rebecca Holstrom

Fred and Mary Horn

Scot and Marcia Hughes

Alan and Mary Huneke

Gingie Hunstad

Nic and Jeanne Jaeger

Kathy Jasper

Charles Jennissen and Laurie Stange

Kristen Johnson

Joe and Brenda Kell

Lin and Sandy Kemp

Nicholas and Desiree Kilburg

James and Linda Kipp

Richard Kohl

Thies and Kelly Kolln

Whealen Koontz and Laura LeBuhn Koontz

Christina and Kurt Kroemer

Justin Krogmann

Kellie Lala

Bob Landis

Terri LeBlanc

Katrina and Les Garner

Thea Leslie

Cedric and Marcia Lofdahl

Doriene Loomis

Ann and Mark Lorenz

Brian and Kelly Macek

Dick and Nancy Mahany

Pam Mahany

Dennis and Rebecca McCollough

Carolyn and Norman McElwain

Michael and Jane Melloy

Jim and Elaine Miller

Larry and Kathy Miller

Elizabeth Mitchell

Kevin Moore

David and Lisa Morris

Nancy and Steve Mortimore

Melanie and Michael Moseley

Iris Muchmore and Mark Ogden

Margaret and Ronald Nelson

Don and Marty Norton

Steve and Mary Odegaard

Bill and Esther O’Donnell

Mike and Nancy Parker

Marcia Parman

Brad and Liz Parsons

Laura Thomas

Beth Washler Pelic

Ann and John Persick

Shar Petersen

Janey and Matthew Piersall

Thomas Popa

Nancy Pugh

Sherry Purdie

Margaret Quinlan

Emil Rinderspacher and Susan Goodner

John and Monica Roltgen

Barbara Ross

Babs Haggin Roy

Jan Russell

Cindy and Paul Sale

Paul and Maria Sanchez-Masi

Ann and Robert Schley

Philip and Kyle Schramp

Kathy Shebetka

Linda Shepard

Bedora Sheronick and Kevin Papp

William and Winifred Shuttleworth

Janet Smith

Raymond and Melinda Smith

Roger and Lori Soppe

David and Mindy Sorg

Dean and Debra Spina

Kristy Staker

Gary and Susan Streit

Joshua Stubblefield

Debra Swan

Carl and Nina Swanson

Karen A. Swanson

Greg and Lisa Thirnbeck

Gary and Maureen Thompson

Janet and Tom Turk

Gretchen Van Heukelom

Cal and Linda Van Niewaal

Joyce Vogt

Dennis and Patricia Walsh

Ted and Trina Weiland

Guy and Terri Wendler

Brian and Mary Westphalen

Mary and Roger Wetlaufer

Chelsea and Michele White

Jean Wilson and Jim Boles

Mary Wilson

James Young

Beth and John Zakrasek

Julie Zimmerman