Starting 7/23/24, 7:30:00 pm: In the Silence Film Screening

Concessions and Merchandise

Lounge and concessions areas are open one hour before and after performances, and during intermission. 

Enjoy our Waitress Signature Drinks and Fresh-baked Hand Pies!

"Mermaid Marshmallow Pie" Signature Drink $12 
Marshmallow Vodka, Blue Curacao, Skinny Mix Mermaid Syrup, Lemon-lime Soda, Whipped Cream

"Old Joe's Old Fashioned Whiskey Sour" Signature Drink $12 
Whiskey, Bitters, Simple Syrup, Water, Fresca, Cocktail Cherry

Hand Pies $6 
Locally-made at Main Street Bakery in Keystone, Iowa. Choose from strawberry, lemon, cherry, or blueberry

Almost Famous Popcorn $4 
Indulge in gourmet popcorn crafted with love by a family-owned business right down the street in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Waitress Show Buttons $2
Collect one at every show! These make a great gift or souvenir.

TCR Sippy Cups $3
Collectible sippy cups with lids allow you to bring your drinks into the theatre. Reuse your cup for $1 off any beverage.

Other beverages:
Tap Beers - $8
Canned Domestic Beer - $6

Canned Craft Beer - $8
Canned Cocktails - $10
Wine - $10 single, $16 double
Mixed Drinks - $10
Sodas (by the can) - $3
San Pellegrino - $3
Bottled Water - $3

Bagged/packaged snacks and candy - $3
Popcorn - $6