Starting 5/3/24, 7:30:00 pm: School of Rock

Mamma Mia Cast List

TCR Production

The directing team for Mamma Mia has selected a cast! Thank you to all who attended. This was an enormous turnout and too many great options to use, but the energy in the room both nights was fantastic. You may reach out to the directing team for feedback about your audition.

To those cast, congrats! Please accept your role by emailing by 12:00 p.m. Wednesday. Rehearsals will begin toward the end of April/beginning of May. Scripts, measurements, etc. will happen soon and you will be contacted about a date shortly. If you have any questions about the process, casting, or working at TCR, please contact

The Dynamos

Donna – Tracie Hodina VanPelt

Tanya- Traci Rezabek

Rosie – Shelby Myers


Sky – Will Adams

Lisa – Ferin Bergen

Harry – Matt Brandt

Pepper – Miguel Davidson

Ali – Katey Halverson

Sophie – Sophie Lindwall

Father Alexandrios – Lucas Lowder

Eddie – Robert Morris

Sam – Reeder Hoke

Bill – Jake Stigers


Villager Ensemble:

Shelbi Benion

Katherine Parker

Amber Wagner


Wedding Party Ensemble:

Emily Ash

Brandon Burkhardt

Cooper Chindlund

Jessica Dunnick

Madelyn Ilten

Lucas Lowder

Laura McAdam

Justin McDermott

Carrington Moore

Carl Richey

Max Ronek

Jenub Wan