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TCR Announces Beyond the Stage: She is Fierce

Christina Kroemer

BEYOND THE STAGE is a collaboration between TCR and thought leaders in the Cedar Rapids community designed to provoke conversation and experiences surrounding contemporary issues.
Featuring a robust menu of events, these experiences stem from TCR’s two 2019 Linge Series productions.

The Linge Series pairs two productions with aligning themes, and presents them concurrently in TCR’s auditorium and Grandon Studio. Careful consideration is given in selecting titles that not only entertain, but challenge audiences intellectually and emotionally.

This year’s Linge Series productions are Shakespeare in Love and Ada and the Memory Engine. These plays and their Beyond the Stage: She is Fierce affiliated events spotlight the issue of gender equality and acknowledge the challenges and triumphs of women in the arts and sciences.

Both Shakespeare in Love and  Ada and the Memory Engine feature women stepping into arenas traditionally controlled by men. Viola (Shakespeare in Love) wants to act on stage in a time when only men were allowed; Ada Lovelace (Ada and the Memory Engine) was considered the world’s first computer programmer and only gained publication of her writing and analysis in partnership with men. TCR is exploring what it means to be a bold female leader both on and off our stages this spring!

In addition to purchasing tickets to see these meaningful and moving productions, we encourage you to attend as many of the following Beyond the Stage events as you are able.
Check back often for additions and updates!

Beyond the Stage 2019 is sponsored by UICCU.