Starting 3/8/19, 7:30:00 pm: Shakespeare in Love

CAST LIST: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Theatre Cedar Rapids



Quasimodo – Mic Evans

Esmeralda – Marita May

Dom Claude Frollo – Kehry Anson Lane

Phoebus de Martin – Sage Spiker


There are many roles, lines, and solos, and dance moments among the congregants that will be assigned prior to rehearsals including storytellers, revelers, soldiers, revelers, parishioners, priests, soldiers, citizens, etc. Some assignments have already been indicated below. Expect to play multiple roles. 

Zach Beckman (Statue)

Adam Burnham (Dance Ensemble)

Samantha Chiu (Statue)

Jon Day (King Louis XI)

Dawson Gosch (Clopin Trouillefou)

Samie James (Gargoyle/Dance Ensemble)

Laura “LB” Manjooran (Dance Ensemble)

Meg Norris (Statue)

Lisa Petit (Dance Ensemble)

TBD (Frederic Charlus)

Chris Schubert (Soldier)

Harrison Shaffer (Jehan Frollo/Dance Ensemble)

Jayna Shetterly (Dance Ensemble)

Hannah Spina (Gargoyle/Dance Ensemble)

Nikki Thompson (Statue)

Jon Turk (Statue)

Jenub Wan (Saint Aphrodisius/Dance Captain/Dance Ensemble)

Shauna Williams (Florika)

Alex Young (Official)


The Hunchback of Notre Dame choir is one of the most distinctive and awe-inspiring features of this musical. You will be positioned in lit choir lofts built into the set and will use music. There will be some additional direction (reactions, movement) that may be added as we approach tech week. Some of you have additional roles assigned and there may be others asked to step out of the choir to play roles as needed.

Nancy Andreasen

Jen Boettger

Nadine Borngraeber

Randy Borngraeber

Greg Brown

Marcus Cano

Alex Gassman (Father Dupin)

Tracie Hodina Van Pelt

Andrew LeVake

Jessica Lieb

Jamie Loving

Lucas Lowder

Angelica Luz

Kristen Mead

Sarah Michels (Madame)

Tad Paulson

Marie Riechers

John Schultz

Jenna Woodwick