Starting 7/23/24, 7:30:00 pm: In the Silence Film Screening

CAST LIST: Annie (Kids Casting)

Theatre Cedar Rapids

What an awesome turnout for auditions for our production of Annie.  The entire directing team is grateful for the opportunity to observe so much talent, passion, and enthusiasm.  After careful consideration and lots of discussion about what we want and need the ensemble of orphans to be, here is the decision of the team:

  • Annie – Evie Kunz

Orphans (alphabetical order, additional named characters identified later):

  • Zoey Akers – Pepper
  • Emma Cruse
  • Isla Hamilton
  • Torian Julius
  • Kinsley McFarland
  • Mariana Lehnertz
  • Rigley Ohrt – Molly
  • Olivia Parsons
  • Eloise Prince
  • Julia Robinson
  • Lia Scharnau
  • Adora Lynn Spoor

If cast, please accept your role by e-mailing Emma Drtina at by 5:00pm on Tuesday, August 29.

Additionally, we strongly encourage the following to return on September 24 or 25 for serious consideration as part of the adult ensemble: (alphabetical order)

  • Melia Bohn
  • Isabelle Jackson
  • Jaydin McMickle
  • Carlee Netolicky
  • Anna Neumann
  • Zelda Siegel

Although we won’t officially begin rehearsal until 6:00pm, sharp, Monday, October 2, we would like to get the orphans and Annie together to get acquainted and for a little team-building sometime in the next couple of weeks.  We will send a notice of this by email by the end of the week.

Congratulations to everyone who decided to audition.  Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out, and we are sorry we can’t make every girl’s dream come true.  But auditions are important learning opportunities, so stick with it!  We hope to see you in another audition and in the audience of Annie.  Thank you so much.

The Directing Team: Jim Kern, Ben Schmidt, Erin Helm, Anna Slife, Lisa Kelly, Timmothy Palmersheim