Starting 5/23/24, 12:00:00 am: School of Rock

CALLBACK LIST: Studio Improv

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Thank you to everyone who came out last night for the Studio Improv auditions!  That was a record-breaking turnout and it’s so awesome to see so many new faces.  I am encouraged by the level of talent, but I can only cast 16 people this season.  Our two improv teams will be comprised of those that work best TOGETHER and that is what drives the difficult decisions.  If you aren’t on this callback list, I wasn’t able to consider you for casting on a team this season.  However, I encourage you all to continue working on your improv skills in classes or in practice groups and come back next fall!

For the 19 of you that are on this callback list, I will see you at 7:00pm on Monday, August 7.  Please be a few minutes early, so we can start right on time.  Please meet in the main lobby and we will head down to the Grandon Studio once everyone arrives.  Callbacks will consist of some more 2-person and group scene work, along with opportunities support scenes through walk-ons, cut-to’s, tag-outs, and edits.

If you have any questions, please send me an email at


  • Jason Caffery
  • Anna Daman
  • Justin Ford
  • Eric Hanson
  • Nick Hayes
  • Bethany Jackson
  • Matt Jansen
  • Anthony Jensen
  • Zachary Johnson
  • Sara Johnson
  • L.D. Kidd
  • Sarah Michels
  • Amanda Miller
  • CJ Mobberly
  • Maddie Paxton
  • Brian Sanny
  • Zach Schladetzky
  • Peggy Somerville
  • Dawn Stephens