Starting 6/21/24, 7:30:00 pm: Waitress

CALLBACK LISTS: The Crucible & Vinegar Tom

Theatre Cedar Rapids

The Crucible Callbacks

Great auditions everyone, Please remember that we simply cannot cast everyone who auditioned.  Besides numbers, sometimes you are not cast due to scheduling, age, look, and a variety of other factors that are simply beyond your control.  Please keep auditioning.  There will eventually be a part just right for you!

Due to the dual nature of The Crucible/Vinegar Tom callbacks, we are staggering some of our callback times.  Please make note of your specific times.


The “Girls” (6:30pm)

Jessica Abdoney – Mary, Susana

Bailey Fah – Mary

McKenna Flood – Susana

Maggie Hart – Abigail

Mia Huxley – Betty

Bre Kinney – Susana

Allie Klinsky – Betty

Nicole Klostermann – Mercy

Emmy Palmersheim – Mercy

Grace Schulte – Abigail

Allison Sylvester – Abigail, Mary

Lauren Ulving – Betty

Amber Wieland – Susana

Claire Winkleblack – Abigail


The “Adults” (7:00 OR when released from Vinegar Tom)

Nick Kilburg – Proctor, Hawthorn, Herrick

Rob Merritt – Proctor, Hale

K. Michael Moore – Hale, Proctor, Herrick


The “Adults” (7:30 OR when released from Vinegar Tom)

Stephanie Buonadonna – Elizabeth

Diana Little – Elizabeth

Susan Scharnau – Elizabeth


The “Adults” (8:00 OR when released from Vinegar Tom)

Theresa Alt – Sarah Good

Dyanna Dawn Davidson – Rebecca, Sarah Good

Larry Hansen – Putnam, Francis, Hawthorn, Giles, Danforth, Herrick

Duane Larson – Giles, Parris, Hawthorn, Francis Nurse

Deborah Maynard – Anne Putnam

Lance Maynard – Giles

Nancy Mortimore – Rebecca, Sarah Good

Tad Paulson – Hale, Parris, Danforth, Hawthorn, Herrick

Michelle Payne – Sarah Good

Kristin Poling – Anne Putnam, Sarah Good

Philip Schramp – Danforth, Parris, Hawthorn

Ethan Seiser – Cheever

Greg Smith – Putnam, Hale, Herrick

Greg Stoll – Herrick

Al Willett – Francis Nurse


Vinegar Tom Callbacks

Callbacks will begin at 7:00pm.  The callback will consist of light movement (no one will break a sweat!), cold-read and singing.  Please wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to sing a short selection of a song of your choice (a cappella).  Regarding casting – a majority of the ensemble will play multiple roles.

Packer/Doctor/Bell Ringer/Man/Jack:

Ben LaFayette – please bring your guitar

Duane Larson

K.Michael Moore

Greg Stoll



Gregga-Joy Johnn

Amy Rehnstrom

Kamilya William

Gillian Cruse

Tamsin McAtee

Stephanie Buonadonna

Michele Payne



Kara Ramirez

Noel Vandenbosch

Mac Kennedy

Claire Winkleblack (go to Crucible callback first)

Jessica Abdoney (go to Crucible callback first)

Emmy Palmersheim (go to Crucible callback first)