Starting 5/3/24, 7:30:00 pm: School of Rock

Joni Dee Sackett

About me…

Joni’s love of costuming began at an early age. Mystified by her mother’s regrettable lack of enthusiasm for constructing Halloween costumes requiring lighting effects and, if possible, a small retinue of attendants, she began making her own. From then on, wherever she found herself—studying costuming at the University of Iowa and art history at the University of Memphis, in an ‘80’s band in London, at a software design company in New York and running a small design business—costuming stayed a part of her life.

Joni unexpectedly got her dream job when she moved back to Cedar Rapids and met Leslie Charipar, auditioning for the role of Costume Designer by embellishing hippie jeans for Hair at TCR Lindale. She started her first full season at TCR in 2009, with Altar Boyz, and it’s been a wild and wonderful ride ever since.


My goal in costuming is to present the highest quality, most coherent costume design, in whatever way is necessary for the show. We build, we rent, we purchase, we transform in different measures, all to help the cast best express the character(s) they’re playing. One of my favorite moments in every show occurs when the cast slips into costume, and the pieces that were just clothes on a hanger suddenly take on meaning and personality. It’s truly magical!