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Underground New Play Festival

February 8 @ 7:30 pm

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Thursday - Saturday (7:30pm) and Sundays (2:30pm)
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Iowa Playwrights

The annual Underground New Play Festival has become a staple in the Grandon Studio.  Now in its eighth year, the Festival has premiered 82 new plays involved 66 Iowa playwrights.  A great incubator for playwrights, actors, and directors, the Festival is three weekends of fresh, new work!


“Loved the plays!  Unique and entertaining!” – Anonymous Review

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  • The Alley Between 2nd and 3rd Street by Tristan Maynard, Directed by Jeremy Eble
    • Have you ever walked down the alley between 2nd and 3rd street downtown?  Well, a young man named Jason finally does and is greeted by a gang of angry pigeons.  A ridiculous story about animal racism, a brief history on pigeons, and the struggle of taking a short cut.
  • Confessions of a Gay Catholic by Joe Jennison, Directed by Brian Markowski
    • A one-man show written by Joe Jennison and based on his relationship with the Catholic Church.  The play follows Dennison’s love for the Church in spite of being ostracized by the church itself for being a gay man.  Ultimately through this piece Jennison and his audience are given the opportunity to reconcile both his spirituality and his sexuality.
  • The Counselors by Mike Miersen, Directed by Zach Kelchen
    • A troubled couple seeks couples counseling.  What they don’t expect are bros.  Bros who are more than meets the eye.
  • The Exceptional Little Donkey by Jeremy Eble, Directed by Hannah Spina
    • A couple’s quiet morning takes a turn for the cute when the wife tells the tale of an inspirational farmyard animal.
  • The Girl Wonder by Taylor James Foster, Directed by Cavan Hallman
    • An unsuspecting girl suddenly gains the ability to teleport, only there is one thing wrong.  She can only teleport to one spot.
  • I Married a Nun by Lin Kemp, Directed by Jeremy Eble
    • What happens when a man’s wife, a former nun, can’t give up her old habits, but how a little magic can make it all okay.
  • The Night the Lights Went Out in NASA by Duane Larson, Directed by Zachary Johnson
    • During a routine space mission, NASA suffers a power outage.  The astronaut is cut off from Mission Control as the technicians on the ground attempt to rectify the situation.  Also, an alien does card tricks.
  • Suicide Anonymous by Amanda Forman, Directed by Joseph Smith
    • A group of strangers find themselves trapped in a room.  They are lead by the seemingly in charge and all-knowing Rachel. After the mysterious Matthew arrives they discover they are all there for the very same reason: each has committed suicide.  Together they must come to terms with their actions in order to find a way to move on…That is if they can move on at all.
  • Theodosia by Chelsea White, Directed by Lisa Kelly
    • Theodosia Burr Alston, the daughter of Aaron Burr.  Find out what happened to the woman whose father killed Alexander Hamilton and then tried to make her an empress, all before her life ended up in the hands of pirates.  This is her story.
  • Tinder Never Lies by Tristan Maynard, Directed by David Scanlon
    • What would happen if you found the perfect man for you?  Charming, fit, beautiful, good taste, but you’re having one problem: your imaginary friend is there joining you.  Andy tries to have a good Tinder date, but has to also deal with his late arriving (by 20 years) imaginary friend.