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2019 Underground New Play Festival Auditions

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Theatre Cedar Rapids
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2019 Underground New Play Festival Auditions

June 30, 2019 @ 7:00 pm

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Sunday & Monday (7:00 p.m.)

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auditions: Sunday, june 30 & monday, july 1 (7:00 p.m.)

TCR’s annual Underground New Play Festival will be held August 8 – 18, 2019. This year’s submissions reflect the theme “Out There: Science, Technology, Fantasy and Humanity” and will feature Rob Merritt’s Aurora, (a follow-up to The Summerland Project), directed by Katy Hahn.


Please arrive no earlier than 6:30 p.m. to fill out an audition form – no headshot, resume, or experience required! Auditions are closed to the public, but performed in front of all auditioners.  No preparation necessary.  All auditioners will be doing cold readings from scripts from our 2019-20 season.  All Festival directors will be present. You need only attend one night of auditions.

Should you need accommodations for your audition, such as an interpreter, please let us know by e-mailing Emma Drtina at

SYNOPses/character breakdowns

  • Again, I’m You by Dylan Cooley
    • Directed by: Sarah Hinzman
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • Chris – Physicist. Neatly dressed, often pauses slightly before speaking. 30s-50s.
      • Sam – Also neatly dressed, but slightly more vibrantly than Chris. Should appear to be about the same age as Chris. Speaks more casually and with more confidence – very blasé, initially.
      • NOTE – Characters can both be male or female, but should bot appear as the same gender.
  • Black Box, An Adoption Story by Zhen E. Rammelsberg
    • Directed by: Sarah Hinzman
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • NOTE: Preferably played by Asian or Women of Color but can be portrayed by any race as long as not going into racist stereotype territory (unless specifically noted).
      • Old Woman – Age 50-60
      • Young Woman – Age 20-30
      • Girl – Age 12-16
      • Chorus of Women Voices – varying ages, ethnicities can be from 3 – 10 women. Choral parts can be read as one voice or many and parceled out.
  • Classic Cage by Francis Bass
    • Directed by: David Scanlon
    • Synopsis
      • Mars, 2063 AD (with video feed from Earth).
    • Character Breakdown
      • Tara Cage – 55. Female.
      • Michaela Cage – 52. Female.
      • Liu Chang – 58. Male.
      • Elizabeth Pao – 30. Female.
      • Jacob Washington – 47. Male.
  • Duncan by William “Billo” O’Loughlin
    • Directed by: Lydia Jennissen
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • Prime Minister of the United Western League (Voice Only) – Regal voiced, carries a great deal of weight. Demands attention and respect. Late 40s-50s. Either male or female (can be double cast).
      • Felmor Fog – CEO of Pig Genetics, the corporate entity responsible for the creation of the AUGMENT ARMY that served the U.W.L. during the war against the Baltic Alliance. A sharply dressed, portly man. Mid 40s. Male.
      • General Oscar Wei – A General in the U.W.L. army. Weathered, leads with his chest type. Suffers no fools, but with good intention. 40s. Male.
      • Dr. David Jannis – Optimistic psychiatrist that counseled many Augments throughout the war. Wants to help them now that the war is over. 30s. Male.
      • Augment Beta 19-63 “Jason” – Augment Tracker for the Special Forces team Beta Squad CC. Slim, angular…Jason is wary of anything but his team. About 17. Male.
      • Augment Beta 19-64 “Duncan” – Augment Telepath for the Special Forces team Beta Squad CC. Stock-built and unsure of himself, Duncan is the selected Augment candidate to gauge whether or not Augments can be integrated into civilian life. About 17. Male.
      • Ayn Baker – The geneticist responsible for designing the Telepath Class of Augments. 30s-40s. Female.
  • Genesis Project by Erica Jo Lloyd
    • Directed by: Grant Freeman
    • Synopsis
      • A colony on Mars run by a company called Genesis, twenty years after the first colony was established on Mars.
    • Character Breakdown
      • Violet Scott – Female. 30s.
      • Hale Scott – Male. 30s.
      • Laura Bowen – Female. 30s-50s.
      • Cody – Male. 20s.
      • Olsen – Male. 50s-60s.
      • Sadie – Female. 20s-30s.
  • The Gerrig Problem by Mike Miersen
    • Directed by: Jenna Woodwick
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • I – AI; artificially good-looking. Any age.
      • Sofia Brand – Psychologist; academic; stuffy. Late 40s. Female.
      • Alan Gerrig – Scientist; grandfatherly. 50s. Male.
      • Katherine Holder – Executive; aggressive; powerful. 30s-40s. Female.
      • Tech 1 – Skilled robot tech. 30s.
      • Tech 2 – Skilled robot tech. 30s.
  • Hello, Friend by David Scanlon
    • Directed by: Marie Riechers
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • Dapne – 21-40. Inquisitive, adventurous, endlessly hopeful.
      • Amicus – 0-10 years older than Dapne. Wise, personable, calm.
      • Dr. Reg Landry – Mad scientist. 30-65. Intelligent but impulsive.
      • Dr. Julian Wentor – Similar age to Reg. Reserved, compassionate, knowledgeable.
  • One by Grant Freeman
    • Directed by: Chelsea White
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
  • Seasons Don’t Fear the Reaper by Brian Tanner
    • Directed by: Jeremy Eble
    • Synopsis
      • A father decides to connect with his son, if only his son hadn’t just decided to run away.
    • Character Breakdown
      • Captain Steve McVey – Captain of Shepard Three. 40s.
      • Linda – Captain’s wife. 30s-40s.
      • Adam – Their son. Older teenager.
      • Byers – Security officer. 30s.
  • The EULA by Brian Tanner
    • Directed by: Ryan Grauberger
    • Synopsis
      • It’s not a question of who really reads those End User License Agreements, but what are they hiding?
    • Character Breakdown
      • George – the Dad. Clueless about anything technology related. 40s-50s.
      • Janet – George’s unsatisfied wife. 40s-50s.
      • Tony – Their teenage son. Older teenager.
      • Kelly – Their younger teenage daughter. Mid-teens.
      • Suit 1, 2, and 3 – from MacroCorp (any gender/adult aged)
      • Computer voice-over
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Instagrammed by Duane Larson
    • Directed by: Rachel Potthoff
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
  • The Battle of Ulunaduhaunal by Mike Miersen
    • Directed by: David Scanlon
    • Synopsis
    • Character Breakdown
      • Tarmac – Barbarian Hero. 30s. Male.
      • Lieutenant Colter – Science office of the future. 30.
      • Far-Tok – Some kind of magic something. Any age. Male.
      • Razaereal – Lord of the Pit, Hell Master, etc, etc. Any age.
      • Paul Butteron – Non-fiction guy, very boring. Any age. Male.
  • We Can Be Heroes by Zachary Johnson
    • Directed by: Bonnie Ruble
    • Synopsis
      • After a big battle, the Heroic League of Heroes has returned to a welcoming public. Frieda, a hustling reporter just doing her job, is interviewing the team at a post-victory celebration. However, when she asks a simple question along with subsequent events, allows a new hero to arise.
    • Character Breakdown
      • Frieda – Female. 20s-40s. Reporter, has to be pretty active, runs on and off stage.
      • Captain Stupendous – Superhero. Power of flight, super strength, magic summoning bag, and capable decision making.
      • Verdant Shaman – Superhero. Power of flight, laser eyes, and the ability to summon animals.
      • Perpetual Motion – Superhero. Power of flight, super breath, and super speed.
      • Computer-ish Voice – Must sound vaguely robotic. Completely voice over. Can be one of the other actors.