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TCR Announces Cast and Creative Team for Meet Me In St. Louis

Courtny Rocarek















Announcing the cast and team for TCR’s production of Meet Me In St. Louis. It’s not too late to snag your season tickets, or single tickets are on sale now!


  • Mr. Alonso Smith: Greg Smith
  • Mrs. Anna Smith: Rosemary Gast
  • Rose Smith: Kaia Burkum
  • Lon Smith: Brandon Burkhardt
  • Esther Smith: Karissa Burkhardt
  • Agnes Smith: Haddie LeVake
  • Tootie Smith: Rhylee Larson
  • Grandpa Prophater: David Gates
  • Katie: Zoe Murphy
  • John Truit: Caleb Rivera
  • Warren Sheffield: Mic Evans
  • Lucille Ballard/Ensemble: Kayla Lansing
  • Postman/Ensemble: Caleb Marner
  • Eve/Ensemble/Co-Dance Captain: Madeline Nuss


  • Co-Dance Captain: Vanessa Lund
  • Katie Andreasen
  • Nancy Andreasen
  • Greg Brown
  • Seth Engen
  • Jenny Long
  • Jacob Ruchotzke
  • Kaleb Smith
  • Rebecca Vernon
  • Jenub Wan
  • William Oehler

Kid’s Ensemble

  • Kid’s Dance Captain: Avery Booms
  • Jillian Brock
  • Kleo Burkum
  • Sophie Davidson
  • Cooper Gasper
  • Joelle Rivera
  • August Sands
  • Finlee Sands
  • Sam Shannon
  • Genevieve Wilkin

Creative/Production Team

  • Director: Lisa Kelly
  • Assistant Director: Mic Evans
  • Music Director: Kelsey Legore
  • Choreographer: Megan Helmers
  • Scenic and Lighting Designer: S. Benjamin Farrar
  • Costume Designer: Joni Dee Sackett
  • Stage Manager: Madi Knaack
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Courtny Rocarek
  • Propsmaster: CJ Mobberley
  • Sound Designer: Darin Ulmer
  • Intimacy/Safety Director: Carrie Pozdol

If you have questions about this casting or staffing please contact Angie Toomsen