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CAST LIST for TCR Flash Play Fest: Halloween Horror Night!

Angie Toomsen

We are happy to announce the casts for TCR’s Flash Play Fest: Halloween Horror Night!

ACTORS: Please accept your role by 10/16 at 10 a.m. Accept your role and provide your conflicts using this form. Directors will reach out in the next day or so to set up rehearsals.

DIRECTORS: Actor contact info and conflicts to come by 10/16 immediately following the acceptance deadline. Rehearsal slot sign up to come in the next day.

AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Registration to watch/attend the TCR Flash Play Fest: Halloween Horror Night on October 30th will appear on our website and Facebook about a week before the event. Admission will be free and there will be registrations available to accommodate up to 500 viewers.

To learn more about the festival process view the festival page.


Pharmakon of Literary Women – Written by Jen Rouse and Directed by Michele Hinz
Marmee Carrie Pozdol
Jane Taylor Tracy
Catherine Gretchen McNeely
Step-Mother/Witch Jana Egan
Joan Crawford Noel VanDenBosch
Medea Valerie Davine
King of the Word – Written by Tad Paulson and Directed by Bonnie Ruble
C Jodi Covington
Ferluci Valerie Davine
Brie Rachael Rhoads
Floyd Kara Ramirez
Marrin Meg Norris
Randy Barry Schreier
Praxis Rachael Rhoads
Struedel Alexandra Olsen
News Anchor Barry Schreier
New Department – Written and Directed by Nick Sohm
Ghost Chase Ralston
Father John Crosheck
Trinity Lauren Galliart
Tristan Melanie Chevek
ASMR – Written by Zhen E Rammelsberg and Directed by McKenzie Macon
Radio Announcer Angelica Fink
The Prisoner William Asmus
Negotiator 1 Brian Tanner
Negotiator 2 Jayna Shetterly
The Specialist Sarah Sawin
My Husband is a Werewolf! – Written by Brian Tanner and Directed by Jana Egan
Kristy Beth Nelsen
Jack Nick Kilburg
Elinor Julie Zick
Rick Aaron Pozdol
Christopher Jade Riley
Stage Directions/Narrator Mitchell Grauberger
Don’t Ghost Me Bro! – Written by Zachary Johnson and Directed by Mitchell Grauberger
Whiffle Marty Reichert
Boogal Duane Larson
Violet Beth Nelsen
Grace Kara Ramirez
Chad Brian Smith
Ghost in the Mac – Written and Directed by Duane Larson
Nicole (Zoom party host) Zhen E Rammelsberg
Dave (Batman/gangster) Aaron Pozdol
Jaclyn (Sexy Librarian/Victorian) Shay Lilienthal
Sammi (2020/Hippie) Katie Braden
Stage Directions Nancy Andreasen
D+ Demon – Written by Annika Greenberg and Directed by Chase Ralston
Helyah Tristan Maynard
Judge Nancy Andreasen
Jessie Carley Hutson
Kendra Jayna Shetterly
One Night Lycanthrope – Written by John Zbanek Hill and Directed by Taylor Tracy
One Randy Borngraeber
Two Kim Novotny
Three Duane Larson
Four Brian Tanner
Five Braden Rood
Six Carmen Chavez
Halloween 1977 – Written by Kelly Shriver and Directed by Sarah Hinzman
Sharon Shay Lilienthal
Judy Jenna Smith
Children Nora Yates
Sam Shannon
Teressa Laubach
Brady Evers
The Trial of the Pumpkin Spice Latte – Written by Beth Nelsen and Directed by Meg Norris
Baliff Tori Grafft
Brenda Basic Alexandra Olsen
Samantha Starbuck Noel VanDenBosch
Judge Autumn Winters Michele Hinz
PS Latte Kathryn Huang
Stage Directions Samantha Dorrity
A Walking Shadow – Written by Joe Link and Directed by Claire Boston
Guard Tad Paulson
Patient 6 Matthew Brewbaker
Patient 7 Brian Smith
Patient 9 Karlē J Meyers
Patient 0 Meg Norris