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Announcing the Casts for the 10th Annual Underground New Play Festival

TCR Production

Well, this was fun! Thanks, everyone, for your enthusiasm and wonderful audition videos! And thanks to the writers and directors for the smooth casting process. This is the first time in history we don’t have to say “to those who weren’t cast, etc.” because EVERYONE IS CAST IN SOMETHING.* That was the goal! Congrats all!

The 2020 TCR Underground New Play Festival takes place May 16th and 17th. Get all the details and snag your spots here:

10th Annual Underground New Play Festival Casts

Basic Accounting written by Emily Golden, directed by Zhen Rammelsberg
Lia Xiao Scharnau – Tara
Susan Scharnau Schultejans – Rene

A New Year written and directed by Brian Tanner
Aaron Pozdol – Nick Harvey
Serena Collins – Stacey
Mia Streif – Lori
Valerie Davine – Dr. Stokes
Jenna Woodwick – Alice
Emily Bartels – Jennifer Phillips

Barrymore written and directed by Brian Tanner
Jayna Shetterly – Skylar
Kimberly Meyer Wilhelm – Blake
Kathleen Weiss – Narrator

Basilicata written by Ali Ajram, directed by Rachel Potthoff
Karlē J Meyers – Cat 1
Michele Hinz – Cat 2
Shauna Williams – Stage Directions
Lisa Streif – Journalist
Marcia Hughes – Director
Jacob Kostiv – Chef Pasquale
Aaron Pozdol – Food Network Personality

Chicken Needle Soup written and directed by Matt Fisher
Duane Larson – Chester
Randy Borngraeber – Winchester
Jana Egan – Lilly
Jade Riley – Billy

Lost in Flavortown written and directed by Zachary Johnson
Jade Riley – Spencer
Stephanie Tjepkes – Cindy
Emily Irwin – Ireland

The Broadcast written and directed by Billo O’Loughlin
Michael Fox – Captain Gregory Farney
Kellie Fox – The Woman
Erin Grams – Doctor Rebecca Stein
Jeremy Eble – Admiral Brian Harrison

The Case of the Missing Cookie written and directed by Tristan Maynard
Kathleen Weiss – Stage Directions
Carlee Glenn – Liz
Carley Hutson – Molly
Kimberli Maloy – Mom
Lance Maynard – Adams
Claire Boston – Sydney
Amelia Robinson – Kaylee

The Photographer written and directed by Brian Markowski
Amelia Robinson – Adelia Nowak
James McEniry – Jerome Pertwee

Reubal Sleuth Solves Another One written and directed by Mike Miersen
Tad Paulson – Bob Wealthmore
Solomon J. Groothuis – Ruebal Sleuth
Brian Tanner – F. Humphries
Carlee Glenn – Sasha Skullman
Jennifer Smith – Wanda Humphries
Steve Arnold – Butler
Chase Ralston – Chaz Chaze
Carley Hutson – Stage Directions

Wico Iye written and directed by Brigid Martin
Angelica Luz – Fink Joey
Tori Grafft – Genevieve
Sydney Kuhel – Adam
Amber Wieland – Ms. Appleton
Melissa Chapman – Headley
Kathryn Huang – Mr. Parks
Kimberli Maloy – Kusi
Norrice Raymaker – The Whisper

The Tempest at Shnuz U Luz written and directed by Tristan Maynard
Kasey Smith – Stage Directions
Jasper Rood – Ryan
Elijah Webster – Hayden
Jennifer Smith – Mr. Detective Noir Guy
Sage Spiker – Blake
Jaden Henley – Gabe
Cassandra Chia – Connor

W.I.S.E. Inc. written and directed by Duane Larson
Carrie Pozdol – Susan
Meg Norris – Laura
Scot Hughes – Old Man
Luke Peterson – Pizza Delivery Guy
Josh Sazon – Stage Directions
Sage Spiker – Steve