Starting 9/14/18, 7:30:00 pm: My Fair Lady

CAST LISTS: 18-19 Season Plays

Emma Drtina

Thank you all so much for auditioning. As we mentioned at auditions, we’ve never done full season auditions before. The turnout and the “talent overage” (so many more wonderful people than we have roles for) was inspiring and exciting. If you do not see your name, please keep coming back!

If you have been cast, watch your e-mail for communication regarding script pick-up, first read through, orientation, etc. We will be communicating next steps for all casts soon!

Thank you again and congratulations!


Esther – Joanna Jordan

Mayme – Ariana Smith

Mr. Marks – Christopher Schubert

Mrs. Van Buren – Noel VanDenBosch

George – Brandon Prince

Mrs. Dickson – Kierra Young Bey



Viola De Lesseps – Lauren Galliart

Will Shakespeare – John Miersen

Christopher “Kit” Marlowe – Matthew James

Lord Wessex / Fight Director – K. Michael Moore

Richard Burbage – Joe Frenna

Philip Henslowe – Kevin Burford

Nurse / Courtier – Karle J. Meyers

Queen Elizabeth I – Marcia Hughes

Hugh Fennyman – Kerry James Patrick

Edmund Tilney – Rip Russell

Robert De Lesseps / Boatman – Scott Hughes

Molly / Courtier / Dog Handler – Meg Norris

Kate / Courtier – Anne Ohrt

Nol (who play Benvolio/Samson/Proteus) / Lambert – Duane Larson

Ralph (who plays Nurse/Petruchio/Valentine) / Frees –  Greg Smith

Ned Alleyn (who plays Mercutio) – Dustin Davis

Sam (who plays Juliet) – Grant Blades

Wabash – Brett Borden

Robin (who play Lady Capulet ) / Courtier – Nick Hayes

Adam (who play Gregory/Benvolio/Servingman) / Courtier – Ray Vanek

John Webster – Jett Sebetha

Peter (Tybalt) / Catling / Courtier – Brady Hoback


ada and the memory engine

Ada Byron Lovelace – Jessica Link

Anabella Byron – Barbara Berns

Charles Babbage – Tad Paulson

Lord Lovelace – Mic Evans

Lord Byron – Jeremy Mims

Mary Sommerville – Bonnie Beyer



Abby Binder – Cherryl Moon Thomason

Marilyn Dunne – Marty Norton

Scotty – Grant Blades

Benjamin/Lewis/Clown – Kerry Patrick

Colleen/Woman in White – Kathryn Huang

Derek/Zombie Butler/Masked Man – Brett Borden