Starting 9/14/18, 7:30:00 pm: My Fair Lady

CAST LIST: My Fair Lady

Theatre Cedar Rapids

We were absolutely thrilled with the preparation and the positive support for one another at auditions and callbacks. You are all fantastic and we wish we could use you all! As always, if you don’t see your name on the list, keep coming back! If this show wasn’t your show, the next very well might be!

To those on the cast list, please e-mail to accept your role by 5:00 p.m. today (Wednesday, June 20). Orientation and measurements will take place Sunday, June 24 at 6:00 p.m. Some rehearsals will begin mid-to-late July with the bulk happening in August/September.


Angela Billman – Eliza Doolittle

Aaron Murphy – Henry Higgins

Greg Smith – Colonel Pickering

Brett Borden – Alfred P. Doolittle

Sage Spiker – Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Amy Blades – Mrs. Pearce

Cherryl Moon Thomason – Mrs. Higgins

Tracie Hodina Van Pelt – Mrs. Eynsford-Hill

Brian S. Anderson – George/Dr. Themistocles Stephanos

Jake Stigers – Jamie/Lord Boxington/Cockney (Loverly Quartet)

Randall Walton – Charles/Cockney (Loverly Quartet)

Bryant Duffy – Harry/Zoltan Karpathy

Erin Lauer – Mrs. Hopkins

Anne Ohrt – Lady Boxington

David Scanlon – Selsey Man/Angry Man/Cockney (Loverly Quartet)

Richard Pratt – Hoxton Man/Policeman/Cockney (Loverly Quartet)

Greg Brown – Covent Garden Bystander/Embassy Footman

Kara Ramirez – Queen of Transylvania

Nicole Schumacher – Angry Woman

Sophie Lindwall – Flower Girl



Emily Bartels

Tracie Hodina Van Pelt

Erin Lauer

Anne Ohrt

Kara Ramirez

Marie Riechers



Note: All appear in “Ascot Gavotte” and “Embassy Waltz.” The additional cockneys/”Loverly Quartet,” male servants 4-tet, Covent Garden crowd, Tottenham Court crowd, featured dancers, buskers, and all additional parts and solos to be assigned after rehearsal begin. We have something for everyone!

Brian Anderson

Emily Bartels

Aaron Berta

Carole Anne Beaulne

Greg Brown

Nina Brundell

Liesl Bucknell

Jacob Burns

Augie Charipar

Miguel Davidson (Dance Captain)

Bryant Duffy

Tracie Hodina Van Pelt

Erin Lauer

Sophie Lindwall

Lucas Lowder

Ava Macek

Jaydin McMickle

Anne Ohrt

Olivia Parsons

Richard Pratt

Kara Ramirez

Marie Riechers

Caleb Rivera

David Scanlon

Nicole Schumacher

Jake Stigers

Randall Walton