Starting 5/3/24, 7:30:00 pm: School of Rock

CAST LISTS: The Diary of Anne Frank/Bent

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Angie and Matthew would like to express their gratitude to all who auditioned. Both shows could have been cast in a number of ways. This was an excellent turnout with many new faces to TCR, including a few people auditioning for their first play ever. Keep going! Keep trying out!

Please accept your role(s) by emailing by 5:00pm today, Wednesday January 24.

The first meeting for both shows will take place on Monday, January 29 beginning at 6:00pm at TCR. Measurements will be taken, followed by orientation and first read-throughs. You will receive all materials, including schedule and script, at this meeting.

Thanks and congratulations to all!


Anne Frank – Lily Palmersheim
Otto Frank – Tad Paulson
Edith Frank – Tricia Waechter
Margot Frank – Serena Collins
Peter Van Daan – Ian Wolverton-Weiss
Mrs. Van Daan – Sara Maslowski
Mr. Van Daan – Mike Wilhelm
Miep Gies – Meg Norris
Mr. Kraler – Ali Ajram
Mr. Dussel – Duane Larson
Man – Kerry Patrick


Max – Kyle Shedeck

Rudy – Austin Lauterwasser

Horst – Aaron Murphy

Greta/Prisoner – Bryant Duffy

Uncle Freddie/Guard – Kerry Patrick

Wolf – Andrew Butschi

Guard – Drew Powell

Captain – Rob Merritt

Officer/Guard – Ben Roberson

Kapo/Guard – Grant Blades