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2017-18 Underground New Play Festival: DIRECTORS ANNOUNCED

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Congratulations to all of our 2017-18 Underground New Play Festival Volunteer Directors!

  • The Alley Between 2nd and 3rd Street by Tristan Maynard
    • Directed by Jeremy Eble
  • Confessions of a Gay Catholic by Joe Jennison
    • Directed by Brian Markowski
  • The Counselors by Mike Miersen
    • Directed by Zach Kelchen
  • The Exceptional Little Donkey by Jeremy Eble
    • Directed by Hannah Spina
  • The Girl Wonder by Taylor James Foster
    • Directed by Cavan Hallman
  • I Married a Nun by Lin Kemp
    • Directed by Jeremy Eble
  • The Night the Lights Went Out in NASA by Duane Larson
    • Directed by Zachary Johnson
  • Suicide Anonymous by Amanda Forman
    • Directed by Joseph Smith
  • Theodosia by Chelsea White
    • Directed by Lisa Kelly
  • Tinder Never Lies by Tristan Maynard
    • Directed by David Scanlon