Starting 5/23/24, 12:00:00 am: School of Rock


Theatre Cedar Rapids

Thank you to all who auditioned.  This was a tough one because we were dealing with all ages and types, and there were so many of you.  If you don’t see your name on the list, keep coming to audition!

For those who are on the list, please contact the director (Angie Toomsen) to accept your role today.  Email: / Text: 319-541-0038

First meeting will be 7/26 starting at 6:00pm for measurements, followed by orientation and first read.  Rehearsals will start in the beginning of August.

Thanks everyone!


cast list

Danny: Charlie Vogl

Kenicke: David Scanlon

Doody: Zach Kelchen

Sonny: Danny Mulka

Roger: Josh Payne

Sandy: Emma Drtina

Rizzo: Erin Helm

Frenchie: Hannah Spina

Marty: Nikki Thompson

Jan: Shelby Zukin

Cha Cha: Anna Slife

Patty Simcox: Sydney Speltz

Mrs. Lynch: Amy Rehnstrom

Teen Angel: Nick Oswald

Eugene/Ensemble: Darwin D.J. Kohl

Johnny Casino: Dustin Davis

Vince Fontaine: Bryant Duffy


Pink Ladies:

Kara Ramirez

Bre Kenney

Brianna Blum

Katie Hale

Anna Slife


Burger Palace Boys:

Joseph Smith

Andrew Butschi

Robert Morris

Nahn Tran-Phan