Starting 6/21/24, 7:30:00 pm: Waitress

CALLBACK LIST: The Bully Plays

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Thank you to EVERYONE who came to audition.  It has been such an amazing turn out that it is making for some tough decisions.  If you do not see your name on the list below, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you weren’t cast, so please check back tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:00am for the full cast list.  Those being called back will receive an email with the callback materials for tonight.  There will also be copies available tonight.

-Amanda Mayfield, Director



Emily Irwin

Devon Lack

Kyra LaGrange

Brandon Maynard

Kyle Pratt

Michaela Rowell

Allie Sarchett

Lauren Ulveling



Augie Charipar

Ben DeReus

Angelica Fink

McKenna Flood

Elsa Gustafson

Becca Hauschild

Paige Junge

Lucas Lowder

Taylor Luke

Matt Scieszinski