Starting 7/23/24, 7:30:00 pm: In the Silence Film Screening

CAST LISTS: The Crucible/Vinegar Tom

Theatre Cedar Rapids


Boy, Howdy!  You people sure made casting these two shows pretty sporty.  A lot of great auditions all around.  You may find yourself in a different role than you had originally assumed.  This is because we work really hard to keep an open and creative mind while working through the casting puzzle.  If you are not on this list, keep coming back to audition.  There are so many factors that go into casting that some of it just comes down to stuff beyond your control.  Don’t lose the acting bug!

Cast: I would like to have a read through tonight.  I will send you an e-mail with all pertinent information.  I can’t wait to hang with you…Get it?  It’s because at the end of the show…Nevermind.

Please e-mail me at to accept your role.



•Jessica Abdoney – Mercy Lewis

•Maddie Davidson – Girl

•Margaret Gustason – Girl

•Larry Hansen – Judge Hathorn

•Maggie Hart – Abigail Williams

•Nick Kilburg – John Hale

•Paul Kilburg – Hopkins

•Bre Kenney – Susana Walcott

•Nicole Klosterman – Girl

•Duane Larson – Giles Corey

•Deborah Maynard – Anne Putnam

•Lance Maynard – Francis Nurse

•Rob Merritt – John Proctor

•Nancy Mortimore – Rebecca Nurse

•Tad Paulson – Judge Danforth

•Tierra Plowden – Tituba

•Kristin Poling – Sarah Good

•Susan Scharnau – Elizabeth Proctor

•Philip Schramp – Rev Parris

•Ethan Seiser – Zeke Cheever

•Greg Smith – Tho. Putnam

•Allison Sylvester – Mary Warren

•Lauren Ulveling – Betty Parris

•Al Willett – Herrick




Much thanks to all who gave their time and talent to the audition process.  I am excited for the incredible talent pool that the Cultural Corridor has to offer and excited to get working with the cast of Vinegar Tom.  Over the next few weeks I will be contacting each cast member via e-mail, so do look for a message!

First read through: Sunday, February 12 (2:00-5:00pm) at TCR.  (K.Michael Moore excused for a conflict)

Please e-mail me at to accept your role.



•Ben LaFayette – Packer, Ensemble, Musical Accompaniment (Guitar) and Music Consultant

•Tamsin McAtee – Goody Haskins, Ensemble

•K.Michael Moore – Jack, Ensemble

•Emmy Palmersheim – Betty, Ensemble

•Michele Payne – Joan, Ensemble

•Kara Ramirez – Susan, Ensemble

•Greg Stoll – Man, Bell Ringer, Doctor, Ensemble

•Noel VanDenBosch – Margery, Ensemble

•Kaamilya William – Ellen, Ensemble

•Claire Winkleblack – Alice, Ensemble


NOTE ON CASTING: Assignment of songs to members of the above ensemble will be determined at a later date.  The roles of Kramer and Spreger will be assigned to members of the ensemble at a later date as well.