Starting 5/23/24, 12:00:00 am: School of Rock

CAST LIST: Assassins

Theatre Cedar Rapids

These were the most impressive auditions Ben and I have ever experienced at TCR…amazing talent, well-prepared, and seemingly lovely people.  Thank you to all who auditioned.  I promise that if you were not cast in this show, there is somewhere for you in other shows at TCR.  Please come back and audition again!

For those of you who were cast, congratulations!

Ben Cyr – John Hinckley

Jon Day – Proprietor/James Blaine

Joshua Fryvecind – Lee Harvey Oswald/David Herold

Erin Helm – Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme

Marcia Hughes – Sara Jane Moore

Daniel Kelchen – John Wilkes Booth

Aaron Murphy – Charles Guiteau

David Scanlon – Balladeer

Greg Smith – Giuseppe Zangara

Sage Spiker – Leon Czolgosz

John Zbanek Hill – Samuel Byck/President Garfield

Kami Zbanek Hill – Balladeer/Emma Goldman

Please email me at to let me know that you will accept your role.  We will be in touch regarding first read-through and rehearsal schedule and the other stuff you need to know.

Congrats again and very much looking forward to working with you all on this show!