Starting 5/23/24, 12:00:00 am: School of Rock

Sister Act Cast List

Theatre Cedar Rapids

Congrats to all who auditioned! I can’t remember the last time we auditioned a show where literally every single person who auditioned could have been cast in the show. Thank you for making our job so difficult!


To those who have been cast: Congrats! Please email me at to let me know that you accept your role. If we DO NOT hear from you by 5 pm Tuesday, July 12, we will assume that you are not taking your role.


Due to the crazy situations that the directors are in for the next few weeks, we will postpone our first read-through and forge ahead with music and choreography. Your first rehearsal will be a vocal rehearsal at 7 pm on Tuesday, July 12 at 7 pm.


At that rehearsal, you will receive scripts, rehearsal schedules, and other pertinent things.


Again, congratulations and thank you to all who auditioned!


Lyn A’Hearn                Ensemble

Sarah Anderson         Ensemble

Nancy Andreasen       Ensemble

Treashana Baker        Michelle/Ensemble

Jay Burken                Joey/Ensemble

Cameron Byrd            TJ/Ensemble

Jon Day                     Curtis

Lori Ferguson              Tina/Ensemble

Kathy Gregor              Sister Mary Theresa

Martrina Harris          Deloris

Kathryn Huang           Ensemble

LeAnn Hugeback        Ensemble

Laura Lovseth           Ensemble

Sara Maslowski          Sister Mary Patrick

Tamsin McAtee          Sister Mary Lazarus

Carrington Moore      Pablo/Ensemble

Nancy Mortimore       Mother Superior

Jessie Polley                Sister Mary Robert

Melissa Richlen          Ensemble

Debbie Ridder              Sister Mary Martin-of-Tours

David Scanlon             Eddie

Jayna Shetterley         Ensemble

Tricia Waechter          Ensemble

Jessica Warford          Ensemble


TBD                             Monsignor

TBD                             Ernie/Ensemble